Carnage Detained After Playing 45 Minutes Overtime At Club Cinema

Carnage Arrested in Florida After Playing 45 Minutes Overtime

There comes a time during every DJ set, when the DJ realizes, “Wow, my set is almost over. I should wrap things up”. Unless you’re Carnage, in which case, you think your set lasts 45 minutes longer than the slot you were given. Carnage was playing Club Cinema, the same venue where Porter Robinson had security issues, and refused to stop playing even though he was 45 minutes overtime and had been asked several times. Eventually, the venue staff resorted to the police, who came in to shut the venue down, and have him detained by police, and removed from the venue. This, of course, just fed Carnage‘s ego, and he continued to talk over the microphone, even with a police officer standing directly beside him.

Carnage Arrested in Florida After Playing 45 Minutes Overtime

Carnage on the decks at Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, Florida, with a police officer standing to his right.

The promoter who brought him to Club Cinema, Committee Entertainment, did not seem too angry about Carnage‘s detainment, since it has made his fans overwhelmingly happy.


Here’s Carnage‘s take on the evening’s proceedings:

It turns out he was not arrested, but simply detained by police.

As we look at this event now, do you think it warranted police action? Should Carnage be charged? If so, with what? Let us know what you think through your comments below.

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