Monthly Archive: October 2014

The Rooftop Boys

Nick Jonas – Jealous (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean the summer vibes can’t keep flowing and thanks to a new remix from The Rooftop Boys you can do just that. “Jealous” by Nick Jonas was already a pretty good song, but...

DJ Craze

Will The Real DJs please stand up?

When Paris Hilton is considered a “DJ” and is making hundreds of thousands of dollars “mixing” you know the term DJ has gotten seriously watered down. Look at the DJ Mag Top 100 and it’s embarrassing to see how acts...

Joey Dale - Access Denied [October 27 - DOORN Records]

Joey Dale – Access Denied [Doorn Records]

Few people in dance music history have seen their stock rise faster than that of Joey Dale. The young Dutchman has rose from a relatively unknown name to that of a highly-demanded producer and DJ who has collaborated with the...

Dyro feat. Dynamite MC - Against All Odds [October 27 - WOLV Records]

Dyro feat. Dynamite MC – Against All Odds [WOLV Records]

Throughout the buildup to the release of Dyro‘s┬ánext single, there were as many plot twists and bouts of suspense as in a blockbuster mystery film. The track featured a bunch of different working titles,┬ávarious artist combinations, and the late addition...

Richy Ahmed – Sneaky Acid [Hot Creations]

Richy Ahmed has dropped 3 tech house tracks on Hot Creations for the label’s 50th release, as well as 1 dub mix of an original. As you can tell from the title, this remix has a lot to do with...

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