Dance Rebels is an online music publication for people who are passionate about dance music. Our love for this lifestyle is what motivates us to share our taste in music with you and the rest of the world. While other publications may focus on pushing out everything that is new, regardless of quality, Dance Rebels focuses on the good stuff. The top notch.

We tell the stories behind today’s most fascinating stories, trends, and artists while putting the spotlight on the iconic music of the past and present. Dance Rebels was founded in 2012 and ever since its creation, the objective has been to expose talented music artists to the world on a daily basis.

Today, the role of Dance Rebels is as important as ever, acting as a vital link between artists, record companies, online music stores, music distributors, event and party promotors, and most importantly their fan bases. Dance Rebels prides itself on honest reporting, criticism, and analysis of content but above all we value the close connection we develop with our readers. We are aspirational yet not elitist, and enthusiastic yet discerning.

We want to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our viewers and partners in providing a platform to display all the information on what is really good in dance music. Everyone is welcome to read and interact on our feeds and our editors would love to hear from fans and supporters. After all, our mindset is all about seizing the day with great dance music and good discussion helps fuel that.

Our website is just one way that we communicate with our readers. We also actively post on Facebook, Twitter, and other important social media outlets. If your company is looking for advertising opportunities, the Dance Rebels website gets several million hits every single year, with readers from all around the world.

Dance Rebels, We Move People.

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